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Our hearing and videoscope exams are free. You deserve to know how well your ears are performing.

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Just for being our customer, you’ll receive a free follow-up cleaning!

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From our family to yours, cherish the gift of clear communication.

You Need a New Hearing Aid, You Say?

We’re all ears. Come find your perfect fit today!

You are not alone. At one point or another, hearing loss affects everyone, but take heart, your ears have plenty of life in them yet! At J&L Hearing, we provide you with quality hearing aids and services to ensure that you (and your ears) are showing up, fully present, for the good times yet to come.

We’re a husband and wife team with two Arkansas offices for your convenience. Come visit us Monday-Friday in Texarkana and Monday-Tuesday in Hope! You’ve got things to do and people to see, so don’t let your hearing slow you down. Visit us for your free testing and evaluation, and receive your inside hearing aid within 7 days! You can’t beat a turnaround like that. Or can you?

We carry numerous brands of outside hearing aids, including Starkey. When you receive your free hearing consultation, you can be fitted for your own outside hearing aid that same day.

Choose to preserve your hearing. You won’t regret it.

We hear you loud and clear

If this is your first time considering a hearing aid, then you’ve come to the right place. J&L Hearing carries a variety of hearing aids in order to help a variety of people. You can rely on our thirty years of business experience in the Arkansas community. And in case you’re still debating, both of our owners wear hearing aids themselves!

We know you’ll love our Starkey line of hearing aids – we specialize in their products – as well as our fast service. Schedule an appointment to get the perfect fit and start hearing with clarity when you call 870-773-6270 today.

5 hearing aid mistakes to avoid

5 hearing aid mistakes to avoid

While we would love to see you in our office, here are a few tips and tricks to protect your hearing aids so you don’t have to come in for unnecessary repairs!

• When styling your hair, apply hairspray first, then insert hearing aids.

• To avoid glitches, frequently remove earwax from your hearing aids.

• If your hearing aids aren’t working, try replacing the batteries.

• Are you going swimming? Remember to take those hearing aids out!

• To prevent damage, store your hearing aids in a high place.

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